Nimue Professional Treatments

At Nimue Skin Technology, we are dedicated to our four skin health principals of rejuvenation, restoration, protection and anti-oxidation in the form of advanced scientific active ingredients delivered through innovative transdermal delivery systems.

Nimue Skin technology introduces the new skin classification professional Transdermal Solution. An intelligent treatment delivery system for maximum active delivery that is administered by a Nimue Beauty therapist during a Nimue professional treatments.

Available in all 4 of the Nimue Skin classification prescriptions each with different actives designed to improve skin health and address certain skin concerns.
Each TDS has been clinically endorsed with clinically proven results in 14 Days*


  • Vidya Menon

    I started doing Nimue facials (basic) at a salon near my place. im located in Dubai , UAE. Upon suggestion to use Nimue products as part of my daily regime i purchased the Nimue Milk Cleanser , Sunscreen SPF 40 and Nimue Lite moisturizer. However i can see im breaking out everyday on my face an neck especially near my nose , upper lip , chin and once even on my neck. It starts of as a painful red bump which turns into a pimple with white pus. I even directly get small white bumps in addition. Im of the sort who used to get one or two pimples only a week before my periods but now i have to deal with them every single day . Im not sure whats causing it. The products are too expensive and im now worried if its affecting the wrong way. Pls advise.

    • Andy Nicole

      what you are going through is what we call the temporary healing crisis…which lasts upto 3 weeks but only takes longer if the skin has more damage within it . hence i would advice you to give your skin time to take in the treatment to restor itself.

      • Winnie Wandimi

        Please explain what you mean by more damaged within it. Does it take longer to restore the skin. What guarantees does this product give to the user?