12 Week Challenge

Take up the 12 Week Challenge and if you can’t ditch your foundation in week 13, we will give you your money back*

How, you may ask? Nimue’s 12 Week Challenge packages are tailored to treat different skin concerns and are a combination of homecare products and professional treatments.

*Terms and conditions apply

Nimue is unique in the way it works
IN the skin, not just ON the skin.

Nimue’s smart delivery system technology ensures high performance active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin where they are needed the most, giving you transformational results.

What is in the 12 Week Challenge package?

The 12 Week Challenge package will include the following:
• 6 x retail products
• A guide on how to use each of the products; and
• 4 x professional treatments

You have the option of only purchasing the homecare kit or you can purchase the full 12 Week Challenge package that includes both the homecare products and professional treatments suited to your skin classification as advised by your Nimue skin therapist.

If you purchase the 12 Week Challenge package that includes professional treatments, you and your salon therapist will sign a contract, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the challenge.

Click here to learn more about Nimue’s skin classifications

What Makes Us So Confident We Can Deliver On This ‘Foundation Free” Promise?

Nimue will be offering a money back guarantee to any client who buys the full 12 Week Challenge package and does not get the results they are looking for (providing they have signed a contract and followed the homecare and professional treatment regime as stipulated). This guarantee will not apply to client’s who purchase only the homecare kit.

Why do you need to go to a salon?

You need to go to a participating salon to do a skin analysis. It is recommended to have this done by a professional in order to ascertain your skin type and discuss your skin concerns, so they can tailor-make a regimen to suit your individual needs.

This will ensure that you get the best results from your 12 Week Challenge kit have the best products to suit your skin type and saving money in the long run. After all, investing in your skin will reap rewards now and into the future.

What is the 12 Week Challenge?

Inspired by the #NoMakeUp trend, the Nimue 12 Week Challenge demonstrates how our highly effective and scientifically formulated products help women achieve the skin results they desire, so they feel confident enough not to have to wear foundation every day. After all, flawless skin is all the make-up you need!

In week 13 you will have the confidence to go foundation-free. Your skin will speak for itself.

How does it work?

Go for a skin analysis at your nearest participating salon

Purchase the 12 Week Challenge package designed for your skin classification

Use the products as per the instructions in your 12 Week Challenge homecare kit

Book your professional treatments at the recommended intervals with your therapist

Leave your foundation at home and reveal your renewed complexion to the world

Ready to take start the 12 Week Challenge?
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