Cleo’s Story

In August 2017, Nimue set out to find a bride-to-be who would be brave enough to take the Nimue 12 Week Challenge in the build up to her big day. What was the challenge? Undergo a 12 Week Nimue Transformation and then walk down the aisle with your flawless and foundation free skin.

Cleo before starting her 12 Week Nimue Transformation

Who would sign up for that?

In fact 30 brides-to-be from all corners of South Africa entered our #NoMakeUpBride campaign and that is how we met Cleo Le Roux; a 27 year old, final year Medicine student from Johannesburg. Cleo was head over heels in love with her fiancé Stephen but desperately unhappy about her skin and the frequent break outs she was experiencing. The Nimue Team immediately warmed to Cleo and her positive and uplifting energy and so we selected her as our #NoMakeUpBride for 2017.

Step 1 of Cleo’s journey was undergoing a skin analysis at her Nimue accredited salon where she learned that her skin was classified as Hyperpigmented (quite possibly the toughest skin condition to treat). Cleo was then equipped with her 12 Week Challenge kit, which included 8 homecare products, and her 4 professional treatments were scheduled. Excited, but tentative, Cleo took her first steps to flawless skin.

The South African media immediately took notice of Cleo’s story and were intrigued why any woman would consider going bare faced on the biggest day of her life. Cleo had this to say:

Why did you decide to go make-up free on your wedding day?
I initially entered the competition to win “free skin care” leading up to my wedding but then I found out it was a “No Makeup Bride” competition. The idea intrigued me. The idea of inspiring women to be comfortable in their own skin while I learn to be comfortable in my own sold me. It frightens me as well because this is one of the most important days of my life and if I wake up with a huge pimple on my face I don’t know I will do.

Are you nervous going completely bare faced on the most special day of your life?
YES!! Who wouldn’t be? At the end of the day Nimue has put their reputation and name on the line and I have faith. I am definitely already seeing the results and have received numerous compliments.

Has the stress of planning your wedding added to any skincare woes you might have had?
Planning a wedding and finishing my final year of medicine has definitely made an impact on my skin. My fiancé has been a life saver with regard to the wedding plans. Usually every exam period I would have really bad breakouts but since I have started the Nimue 12 Week Challenge the breakouts have been decreasing as well as the big bags under my eyes.

By week 4, thousands of people were tuning in to watch Cleo’s LIVE video blogs, weekly tips and ‘how-to’ posts on social media. Messages of support and congratulations came pouring in and Cleo was touched by the support she was receiving from strangers.

“Some days I’m like ‘what the hell were you thinking?”

As Cleo continued to navigate her exam finals, wedding planning and the Nimue 12 Week Challenge, she made sure to keep her growing fan base up to date with how her skin was reacting to the stress, which Nimue treatment she was having and the joys of being engaged to her best friend Steven. The big question remained? Will she or won’t she dare to bare on her big day?

Finally Cleo’s big day arrived on 16th December 2017 and the Nimue team all felt like a family member was getting married. We had walked a journey with Cleo and her soon-to-be husband, educating her on the Nimue products, attending media interviews together, meeting her family and counselling her through her skin ups and downs. What we could never have expected is how committed to the process Cleo would be and how absolutely breath-taking she would look on her wedding day. Wearing only eye and lip make-up, Cleo walked down the aisle looking the most radiant and flawless we had seen her throughout the journey. In fact, her skin looked so perfect we captured the below moment to prove our bride was actually bare faced:

The above video reached 417,204 people.

At the end of it all, Cleo passed her medical finals, married her best friend and walked away with the skin of her dreams. Nimue was put to the ultimate test and passed with flying colours. We look forward to helping many more brides achieve a flawless complexion ahead of their weddings because every woman deserves to feel perfect on their big day.