Why Microbiome Skincare Is The Next Best Thing

There’s a new movement in skincare, and it’s gaining traction from top-level brands right down to the customer. Everything we think we know about our skin has just scratched the surface, in essence, your microbiome.

Our skin deals with a lot of aggressors day-to-day and we’re seeing the effects. Factors that contribute to this are pollution, stress, and overusing new-generation products such as retinol, harsh chemical peels, and so on. While we think we’re doing a world of good for our skin, we’re not paying attention to how some of the commercial products treat our skin woes—and contrary to popular belief, healthy skin won’t always have the flawless aesthetic that we hope for and dream of (even if advertisements tell you otherwise). 

What Is Our Microbiome?

What we can see on the surface of our skin is a good indication of what’s going on with our health. Moreover, it certainly feels like our skin has a life of its own; even if your general health is in good shape, your skin could tell a different story altogether. 

So, what is the microbiome and how does it support healthy skin?
Your skin barrier is made up of three parts: the microbiome, the acid mantle, and the lipid barrier. Each part plays its role in maintaining your biome ecosystem – supporting the natural bacteria and moisture whilst keeping the microbes at bay. Factors like environmental elements, allergies, and sensitivity to harsh skincare products leave tell-tale signs of a compromised biome, contributing to an unhealthy pH level.

Why Your Microbiome Matters

Your microbiome is the foundation of your skin’s overall health, a protective barrier resistant to external aggressors that lead to long-term inflammation. A healthy microbiome is responsible for preventing the triggers that cause conditions like inflammation, irritation, and sensitivity. You may need to consider a few things that could assist you in combating your skin problems caused by a compromised microbiome.. For instance, the ingredients in your products – if you’re loyal to your skincare yet not seeing the results you were hoping for, it could be time for a switch. Secondly, your gut health is a good indication of what’s going on with your skin microbiome—the healthier the gut, the better your skin biome. 

Microbiome Skincare Is Your Best Friend

Alison Cutlin, a green chemist who specialises in microbiome skincare, says, “From the barrier-supporting and acne-fighting elements of our skin to the immune-boosting power in our guts, a healthy microbiome is our first line of defence against pathogens.” 

The bottom line is that protecting the microbiome on your face and body is fundamental to avoiding potential skin problems. However, great skin won’t come by overnight, but by creating a daily routine, you’ll start to see and feel the benefits from your skincare.

To get your skincare on the right track, you can look at the four skin classifications and treatment principles to guide you on your new skincare journey, starting with the basics. 

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