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What is the difference between a Conditioner and a Toner?
Just like Toners, a conditioner is the second step in your skincare routine. Toners are mainly alcohol based and are used to remove excess makeup, whereas Nimue’s conditioner is one the most active treatment products in our homecare range (amongst the highest levels of Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which acts to resurface and refine your skin for superior rejuvenation.
Why does Nimue recommend using Gauze and not cotton wool?
Cotton wool absorbs more product than gauze which leads to product wastage. Using gauze assists the exfoliating action of the conditioner ensuring removal of all dead skin cells.
Why should I wear SPF everyday?
SPF should be worn everyday to protect your skin from UV exposure and other external elements. UV exposure accounts for 80 percent of the skin’s aging process (sun spots, wrinkles, dry skin) and also is the major cause of skin cancer.
Why is it important to wear SPF indoors?
Most people are unaware that the blue light from computer screens/cell phones and tablets, as well as florescent lighting, prematurely ages the skin. Be sure to use your SPF daily, even while indoors
Why do I have to combine homecare products and professional treatments?
Nimue homecare products support the professional treatments and prepare the skin to achieve optimum results during treatments.
Professional treatments, in turn enhance penetration of active ingredients in home-care, which deliver visible results.


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