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Nimue Skin Technology Philosophy

With a highly effective yet simplistic results-orientated approach to the prescription and application of treatment skin care, both the Skin Treatment Professional and client alike are able to experience skin excellence through the functional benefits gained with the use of the Nimue Homecare and Professional Range.

The simplistic Nimue 3 Phase System is based on the Core Prescription Homecare and Professional of Phase 1 Basics, Phase 2 Actives and Phase 3 Active Treatments. By following this system, we effectively treat the skin within the deeper layers resulting in a healthier skin. This 3 Phase System is called the Nimue Skin Health Programme.


Ingredients that accelerate or stimulate a physiological function and create structural improvement in the skin.


Ingredients that inhibit or neutralise the effect of free radicals.


Ingredients that restore the imbalance of a physiological function.

Sun Protection

Sunscreens and advanced ingredients that will reduce or prevent the harmful effects of UV rays ensuring improvement of overall skin.

Nimue AHA Concept

AHA?s are organic acids derived from foodstuffs. They also occur in the natural physiological processes of the human body. AHA?s are very effective to reverse sun damage, treat hyperpigmentation and is an extremely effective treatment for acne.

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