Nimue Skincare Mobile App


Nimue Skin International is launching the new Nimue Skin Health application an interactive and fun tool designed to help you get the skin you deserve.

The app recommends a customised Skin Health programme, suggests homecare products, and gives detailed information on each product along with easy to understand tips to ensure every day is a good skin day. It allows you to keep a diary of your skin health progress, log before and after photos, and engage with a network of friends to share experiences along your journey to better skin health.

Finding a Nimue Skin Technology stockist is now easier than ever. The Nimue application picks up your location and will recommend your nearest stockist.

But Nimue does not end at the consumer – the new app has tools to keep Nimue Therapists informed and updated, with quick reference information and training videos at their fingertips. It's going to be their daily point of reference when serving their clients.